Amy Alley



I grew up writing poetry and songs as a way to say all the things I was either too quiet to say or too afraid to share. Being part of the LGBT community and growing up in a southern family gave me plenty of material to draw from. I made art for me never dreaming that anyone would ever hear it. Then a good friend got me drunk enough to share my music with her one night and decided that she should start booking shows and push me, petrified, out of the nest.

Five years of playing everywhere that would have me allowed me to see amazing people of all backgrounds find common ground with my art. Seeing that I wasn't alone in my experiences changed me and helped heal a lifetime of deep wounds.

Now, after taking a few years off to enjoy just being me, the world has changed politically/socially and a lot of people who found common ground in my music are suffering from fear and distress. The only way i know how to help is to share the one thing closest to my heart, my art. I think music is magic and magic can heal so I am going to try and share all the magic I have with the world and hope that, in some small way, it can help others know someone else shares their experience.